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Radio Station Songs for GTA 6 Leaked

Grand Theft Auto 6 will arrive to the stores sometime in the future, and fans are eagerly waiting. The latest installment of the series, GTA 5, didn’t manage to please everyone’s expectations. Therefore, the next game of the legendary series is expected to bring back the glory of Grand Theft Auto.

One of the most interesting and traditional features in GTA is listening to specific songs on the radio while you are driving your cars. There had been some great playlists throughout the series. And let’s be honest: driving your way out of the Police’s sight can be a lot more fun if your favorite songs are playing at the same time.

The same guy who spread leaks about the map of the game, the existence of a female protagonist and other exciting stuff, is now telling us what songs can you listen to the radio stations from GTA 6. It’s about the Reddit user temperaturerising45 who is spreading precious info once again:

    • Nirvana- Lithium
    • Donald Glover- Redbone
    • Wiz Khalifa- Medicated
    • The Eagles- Take it Easy
    • Eminem- The Real Slim Shady
    • Sunday Candy-Nico Segal
    • Hopsin- I SagMy Pants
    • Nate Dogg- Regulators
    • The Notorious B.I.G- Notorious Thugs
    • Soundgarden- The Day I Tried to Live
    • Pearl Jam- Last Kiss
    • War- Why Can’t We Be Friends
    • Bob Seger- Fire Lake
    • Biz Markie- Just a Friend
    • Alive in Chains- Got Me Wrong
    • Bob Marley- No Woman No Cry
    • Israel K- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    • The Strokes- You Only Live Once
    • Squeeze- Up The Junction
    • XXXTentacion- Sad
    • Juice Wrld- Lucid Dreams
    • Guns and Roses- Sweet Child of Mine
    • Shooting Star- Bad Company
    • Dio-in Rainbow in the Dark

The playlist looks well, with plenty of rock music. But of course, taste in music is perhaps the most subjective thing in the world. The game will definitively have much more songs. What artists, bands, or tracks would YOU like to hear in GTA 6?



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