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Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain on Steam

According to its new Twitch channel, Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are the upcoming Steam Release of Quantic Dream. This information was shared during a live stream.

If you are a PS console owner, you might know that all three video games were part of the exclusive category. That was due to temporary exclusives for PC on the Epic Games Store.

However, as that exclusivity is about to end, things are taking another turn. Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain are now coming to Steam.

If you search the internet, you can already find listings available for the three video games mentioned above. People added these games to their wishlist.

Players will be able to enjoy these video games starting June 18. However, if you are a little more curious, the demos are already out. You can now try them for free and see how the game works.

There is one thing we need to mention about the Beyond: Two Sould game. The Steam version of this game will support the Remote Play Together feature. So keep this info in mind when you play this game.

Plus, a PC collector’s edition is soon coming out. According to Guillaume de Fondaumière, the executive producer, the upcoming PC collector’s edition will offer a figure of Kara. However, that’s not all that the production line will have to provide. But, the rest of the upcoming production will remain a secret until the time comes.

You can find the upcoming edition will soon be available on the developer’s new online store. According to de Fondaumière, for now, shipments are restricted to the European Union due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, the situation will change, and soon, the shipments will be available around the globe.

As for the three mentioned games, you can find them on the PC platform via Epic Games Store. You can also find them on the PS4 platform.



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