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Qualcomm Announces New Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460 at New Delhi Press Event

While we can all agree that 5G is this year’s favorite network, let’s not forget that most of the people are still using 4G LTE networks, and they will certainly stay that year for a few more years. This is why Qualcomm has announced a trio of newer 4G-focused mobile chipsets, stated the Qualcomm vice president and president Rajen Vagadia:

4G will continue to remain a focus area for Qualcomm Technologies for regions like India, where it will stay a key technology for connectivity. Our goal is to enable our partners to continue creating solutions that offer seamless connectivity access and exceptional mobile experiences, that consumers can count on.”

At a press event held in New Delhi, Qualcomm has announced its new Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460. The three chipsets will support WiFi 6 and India’s NavIC satellite positioning system, but the company highlighted its plans to introduce them to the US and other markets as well.

Snapdragon 720G, Snapdragon 662, and Snapdragon 460 – Specs and Details

In its official press release, Qualcomm markets its new chipsets as enabling “extraordinary gaming and entertainment, advanced connectivity features, and next-generation artificial intelligence.”

Snapdragon 720G is a gaming-focused chipset that will bring HDR support, dynamic color range and high-quality synchronized sound and more.

Snapdragon 662 brings a new feature to the 6-series chipset: triple-camera support.

Last but not least, Snapdragon 460 is a cheaper chipset that will still increase CPU and GPU compared to the previous 4-series chipsets.

Let’s check out the specs full revealed by the company:

The press release included a few partner quotes (from Xiaomi and Realme) that confirmed they will work with Qualcomm and introduce these new chips in their future phones.

The market keeps growing and the company has enough rivals either in the form of other chipmakers like Mediatek or smartphone makers like Samsung and Huawei – which choose to create their own chipsets. Keeping its 4G customers is a good business move from Qualcomm’s side even though 5G gains more power this year.




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