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PUBG Update On Consoles Brings Cross-Play Between PS4 and Xbox One

The PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds 6.2 update came to PC with the team deathmatch mode added to the game. In a short time, this update will come to PS4 and Xbox One, as well, and you can test them on Public Test Server if you are curious. What is so cool about this update on consoles is the fact that it will finally enable cross-play between the two systems. This means that you can play PUBG with your friends even if you have different consoles.

PUBG 6.2 Update on Consoles Comes With Cross-play Between PS4 and Xbox One

Now PS4 and Xbox One players can play together PUBG thanks to the update patch 6.2 that is enabling the cross-play feature. The cross-play feature is not new. We have it for some time, but having in PUBG is unique, and it gives the player a new option. Fans and players who are also friends can team up now and play together even if they have different consoles. This kind of restriction was available until this update, so if the player wanted to team up, the consoles should have been the same.

So, this feature will be used at maximum by players, especially after so many times of limitation in this department. The announcement of the Update 6.2 for PUBG was posted on their Twitter account. The description is saying that a lot of changes will happen in the game. The patch is bringing grenade balance, and Karakin loot changes.

All things considered, the PUBG 6.2 is not an Xbox One exclusive anymore. Now, players with PlayStation 4 can play together with them, quickly. Thanks to the cross-play platform, PUBG will grow much more in popularity than before. If you own a PS4, you can get PUBG for $30, while on Xbox One, you can get it through Xbox Game Pass for $10 per month.



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