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PUBG Player Gets Banned for 10 Years Because of Cheating

The developers of the famous PUBG game show once again that they don’t have any tolerance for cheaters. Being an online multiplayer battle royale creation, PUBG also has to deal with many pesky players who try to win by unorthodox methods. But hopefully, there will be a lot less of them considering one of the latest bans received by such a fellow.

Tencent Games, which is PUBG’s Chinese publisher, proposes a solution along with PUBG Corp. They call it Project Ban Pan, and showed in the launch video how a cheater receives a 10-year ban.

The cheater was making his character invincible

Because yes, you can do that with some cleverness. The guy used a very ingenious method. Since we don’t recommend anyone to try this at home or anywhere else, we won’t explain how the method works. In short, the cheater was using two phones for playing PUBG Mobile and making his character invincible, so he could surf between enemies at ease. Or at least he was invincible until PUBG’s new detection systems caught the player and hit him with a 10-year ban.

However, the battle with the cheating players is a pretty tough one, as Tencent itself suggests:

Within the game, PUBG MOBILE continuously updates the coverage and accuracy of each security component, adding more samples of software and code to respond daily to new evolutions in cheating.

Approximately 95% of violations are punished by real-time banning by the security system automatically, while players can also report any suspicions to build a larger software database, which also helps with imposing offline punishment.

Although the ban lasts for a whole decade, there’s a good chance that it will have even worse consequences indirectly. Judging by how gaming was 10 years ago, we can expect that after another 10 years it will be totally unrecognizable, along with the consoles and the PC hardware. A gamer from nowadays will not meet the future standards, and maybe he won’t even be able to afford some new gear.



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