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PUBG Mobile: M416 Vs AKM – Which Weapon Is Better

One of the most exciting decisions that players are forced to take during their gameplay is the choice between the M416 and AKM weapons in PUBG Mobile.

While on the battleground, the players are forced to use whatever they manage to find during the early stages of the game. However, sometimes they may get the chance to swap between M416 and AKM. Since both of them have impressive features, the decision of which one to choose is even harder than expected. Therefore, here is a list of the most remarkable features of each weapon.

M416 vs. AKM in PUBG Mobile

The M416 weapon

This weapon is the most used amongst players, having ammunition of 5.56mm and power rated at 47. Its ammunition is also compatible with M16A4, M249, and Scar-L. M416 presents an impressive reloading speed since it usually takes around 2.1 seconds to load your gun, and for this weapon, the loading speed goes below 1.9 seconds. In addition to this, the weapon is highly appreciated since it can be as useful during both close range and long-range combat.

The AKM weapon

The weapon uses a 7.62 mm cartridge, and this ammunition can also be used to load the Kar98 gun, as well as SKS and M24. The AKM weapon is well-known for its increased damage when it comes to the bullet assault rifle. The rating of its powers goes up to 42, being the strongest point of the weapon. As far as the effective range is concerned, the gun reaches a score of 60, while the stability is around 34. The most annoying downside of AKM is that it has a low Close Quarter Combat firing rate.


M416 exceeds the average firing rate, but AKM has more significant scores on power rating, stability, and range. Additionally, M416 produces more damage, but you will need an extra bullet during a confrontation with an opponent having a Level 2 armor. Your choice!

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