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PUBG Mobile — How to Use the Flare Gun Effectively

After the appearance of limited-time events and crossovers, PUBG Mobile has introduced the flare guns. These weapons have initially caused some confusion for players. ​Getting great at managing and utilizing the flare guns in PUBG Mobile takes a lot of time and practice.

At first, for a novice player, this skill might seem to take forever to master. However, with the development of the in-game experience of a player, the art of managing a flare gun will not be the most difficult to master.

There are some particular places in PUBG Mobile where flare guns can be found in abundance. The latest update of the game might have decreased the spawn pace of flare guns, but still, they can be acquired from numerous drop places such as Georgepool, Milta Power, Military Base, and Novo.

Use the Flare Gun Properly

But how can you properly use these types of weapons? Here are some tips on how to manage the flare gun efficiently in the game:

Utilize it inside the circle: If you use the flare gun’s ammo outside the play zone, you can only receive a vehicle. Utilizing the weapon outside the circle is entirely useless, unless and until you really need a car

Fire directly upward: The correct way to use the flare gun is to fire it upwards at precisely 90 degrees from the standing position

Don’t use it in the proximity of no-roof buildings: If you fire it this way, chances are the drop would get on the roofs, which are not possible to climb

After the fire, make sure you are safe: Your opponents might be checking you from a rather long distance. Be on guard and always check them using long the distance scopes, such as the 4x, 6x, and 8x

The Bottom Line

PUBG Mobile developer Tencent Studios has recently launched the 0.16.5 update of the game, which packs a lot of brand new content. As the PUBG Corp announced on the official Twitter page, the title’s Season 11 has rolled out on January 10th, and players have already gotten a taste of the new sequel.



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