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PUBG Mobile — How to Get the Free Lantern Component

We have all seen how PUBG Mobile has dedicated an event to the Chinese New Year. In this brand new, fun event, you can collect components of a lantern in order to get free in-game items, such as skins, outfits, or even free BP. In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year that started on the 25th of January, PUBG Mobile will give away a free lantern component to all users out there.

Find out how to quickly claim the free lantern component. In order to redeem the free gift, go to and enter the code TPFZBZEVW. While you are there, do not forget to check the in-game schedule for the next Red Packet Drop! Read below how to redeem the component inside the PUBG Mobile game.

Get free lantern component in PUBG Mobile

After you get the item from the site mentioned above, open the mail section in the PUBG Mobile app. Get the in-game mail and collect the attachments. The reward is placed in the mail section. Open the inventory and click on the attachment in order to reveal the component. Then use the bonus. And do not forget, if you are getting all the lantern components, you can get various in-game items.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to check out the schedule for the Red Packet Drop. These drops are valid for about 30 minutes, so you need to make sure you are going to collect and open them as soon as you are able to. After you open the packets, you get BP, or silver or a Golden Redemption Card, a Bronze Redemption Card, or a Silver Redemption Card, or Classic Coupon Scraps. So make sure you are not missing this chance coming from the PUBG Mobile developers right now.



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