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PS5 Specifications and Features Revealed by Sony

PS5 from Sony is going to arrive on the market at the end of the year. The company has revealed the specs of the upcoming console, and we are here to discuss all you need to know. As you may have already known from the rumors and leaks, the PlayStation 5 is a next-gen console with significant upgrades that will make your game experience so much better and fun. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the important details of the upcoming next-gen of console hardware.

PlayStation 5 specifications

As expected, the CPU is an AMD Zen 2, and it some with eight cores on top of the 16 threads. The upcoming top-brand console will be able to reach frequencies up to 3.5Ghz! The CPU also comes with 36 CUs, and it is able to reach frequencies up to 2.23GHz. The console will be capable of reaching a max of 10.28 TFLOPS. Comparing the console’s next-gen TFLOPS capability with its predecessor will leave you speechless. The latest PS5 power is ten times higher than the GPU in the PS4.

The balance between the CPU and the GPU of the upcoming PS 5 is just excellent. The console has a boost due to the proper managing of the CPU and GPU. The console will automatically control the CPU and GPU according to the workload. This single factor will make the PS 5 performance excellent and the public very happy.

This new feature that Sony introduced in its latest game console will benefit developers. They won’t have to create games to accustom the console’s performance, the console will adjust its power in a way to accommodate the game. It means that developers for PS5 won’t have to go around the available hardware of the console to make their games. I don’t know about you, but the PlayStation 5 console seems like a gamer’s dream come true.



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