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PS5: Price Cut Confirmed, the Next-Gen Console is Affordable

Is any gamer NOT eager to get his hands on Sony’s next-gen console PlayStation 5? If you won’t buy it, surely you would prefer to at least test it in a game store. The specs are out of this world and are deserving all thee attention: 8K support, insanely fast downloading speeds, Solid State Drive, virtual assistant, and much more. Of course, many people are afraid of the price the console might have, but its creators from Sony assures us that it will be an affordable gadget.

Most people would have believed the PS5 to cost over £700, but it won’t be the case. There’s chances that you will have the opportunity of buying that console at only two-thirds of the amount.

Sony is focusing on market acceptability

The PushSquare website is telling us that Sony’s bosses are seeking market acceptability with its highly-anticipated PS5 console. This simply means that the price of PS5 will be in accordance with what the fans may find acceptable, if not even cheap.

A PS4 console has a price that revolves around the amount of $420, so we can’t expect for the PS5 to be no-where below that.

£400-£500 for PS5?

The actual price may be around such amounts, considering that polls from PushSquare and have revealed that these are the prices people are expecting to see for the PS5 console.

Whatever the price of PS5 will be, it’s sure worth waiting for it to hit the stores. The battle for supremacy regarding console gaming for 2020 is expected to be fought mostly between PS5 and Xbox Scarlett (aka Xbox 2). The Asian and the American consoles will clash in a powerful confrontation. But it looks like Sony’s PS5 will have the upper hand, at least for the supremacy in download speeds. The monthly American magazine Wired released the info about PS5 providing faster download speeds than the ones from other consoles and even PC’s.



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