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PS5 New Report Comes with The Latest Controller Feature

A new report offers more data about the PS5

Sony has recently announced that the PS5 will be released during the holiday season of 2020 and shared a few details about the upcoming console. Most people don’t know how the upcoming device will look like, but the company has sent development kits accompanied by prototype controllers to a list of select developers.

New controller feature

The report mentions that the PS5 developer kits include a port of Gran Turismo Sport, which is currently available on the PS4. The port allows developers to explore how the new haptic motors work in the case of the prototype controllers, as Sony has decided to abandon the iconic rumble motors.

It is important to note that the change brings great benefits for developers and players alike since the haptic feedback will let players interact more closely with the surface on which they are driving. A player who drives on two surfaces at the same time will feel the difference.

Also included is a selection of short demos, among which we can count several platforms developed by Japan Studio, best known for Astro Bot Rescue Mission VR. It is mentioned in the report that Sony has spent a lot of time on the development of haptic feedback for the next incarnation of the DualShock, and it seems that the result will be quite impressive.

Install what you want

Sony has also confirmed that a new system will allow players more freedom when it comes to installing a game. It is speculated that this could mean that players who install a game that features both single-player and multilayer content may have the option to delete the former portion of the game after it is completed.

More interactive

The UI has been redesigned to offer valuable information or fun activities while players wait for the game to load. In the case of multiplayer lobbies, players could join some activities while for single-player games, the UI will display helpful tips.



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