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PS5 might win over Xbox Series X in terms of sales

What console are you more excited about? The PS5 or the Xbox Series X? Which one of them will have more sales? Well, according to the supply chain, the PS5.

It looks like the PS5 consumer base is much larger than the Xbox Series X. Based on the electronics manufacturers in Taiwan, Sony will produce more of the next-gen consoles than Microsoft. Of course, the results are just an estimation, but it does give us an insight. In the course of the next five years, 120 million of PS5s should be manufactured, if the evaluation is accurate. 

That means the upcoming PS5 console will have more sales tham the current PS4 console. At the moment, the PS4 has sold 110 million units in the course of seven tears. You can see the drill. 

The results come from Digitimes.

PS5 Reports

Digitimes offers us several interesting reports. The first is about Sony selling 120 million PS5 over the next five years, followed by a second report stating that Microsoft will produce only 60 million Xbox Series X. The difference between the two companies is way too big. We are talking about the same time frame here. That means Sony will have double sellings compared to Microsoft. 

Let’s dissect those results, starting with Sony’s target. According to Digitimes, the company plans to produce and sell 10 million units this year. That means shipping 27.5 million PS5s in the next almost five years to reach the 120 million units target. However, the target seems too high. Looking at the PS4, we can see the number of sellings going down after a longer timeframe. 

Although the target seems a bit off, Sony might have something up their sleeves regarding the upcoming PS5. Maybe the next-gen console a different kind of experience that will attract a broader population of gamers. Until the PS5 launch, we can’t comment much about those numbers. 



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