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PS5 and Xbox Series X To Reduce Loading Times With Some New Features

PS5 is promising incredible features for its users. The company is going to be the first-ever to implement 8K gaming and immense high framerates, allowing devs to develop immersive virtual worlds. They are also planning on eliminating the loading times during games.

In the meantime, Microsoft is also looking forward to improving its Xbox Series X device. They are making the “Quick Resume” feature available to the users, which will allow multiple games to be opened at the same time, without being closed. This will enable users to jump from one game to another and starting from where they left without waiting time.

The company puts the accent on time management. They want to implement a feature that allows gamers to know precisely how much time they are going to spend for loading up a game, making this time as shorter as possible.

Why PS5 and Xbox Series X plan to lower the loading times

The PS5 and Xbox Series X motivation is to make people play games during short periods, rather than staying in front of the console for too many hours. And reducing loading times is the ideal solution.

The company states that they want to make their products accessible and “as easy as Netflix.” Netflix is a model as far as productivity and flexibility are concerned. It gives its customers the choice to choose whether they want to stay a couple of hours in front of the TV or not, giving them the right to navigate from one series to another. Additionally, when pausing one of them, movie lovers can continue watching the video at any time on any device where the Netflix account is connected.

This trend in gaming will develop for sure new game strategies with the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X, making the activity more enjoyable and more comfortable. Going from one game to another without being constrained by the waiting time for each one to download would be one of the most waited upgrades of all the times.



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