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PS Plus November: Free PS4 Games Have Been Announced

Buying a game for PS4 could be a quite difficult process for some people; therefore, it’s nice to know that sometimes you can get free of charge games available for Sony’s latest console. And that is now the case for PlayStation Plus subscribers, who have the chance to enjoy the horrors of two great games: Nioh and Outlast 2. Both games can bring you numerous hours of intense action among demons and other creatures of the dark. That is, of course, if you’ll survive long enough.


Your character is William Adams, who, as a Western samurai, has to fight his way through demons along feudal Japan. You will have to deal with very dangerous bosses and many other threats, in a game similar to the Dark Souls series.

It was first released all over the world in February 2017, and it was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, and by Koei Tecmo in Japan.

Outlast 2

Of course, in Nioh there are some horrific things, but Outlast 2 is pure evil or Hell unleashed. The character has to make his way through a haunted house and save his wife. She goes missing in a creepy remote region where bloodthirsty and disgusting looking creatures are dwelling and willing to kill anyone they can. Love has to prevail in the face of evil, but finding and saving your life while the forces of darkness are trying to stop you will be a very difficult process.

Both games are included in the PS Plus lineup, which will be available on November 5. You can add them to your basket and checkout as soon as they become available. After that, a PlayStation Plus subscription will assure you to keep the games as long as you want. The only problem is: do you have what it takes to fight the evil forces?

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