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Pokemon Sword and Shield: Everything We Know So Far About Editions; When’s The Release Date?

Pokemon is basically that game that could be found in the heart of every gamer. The series has been on TV for decades, and the game is one of the most popular ones of all time. We know you love all these creatures, we all do!

When a new Pokemon game announcement is made, a lot of people start talking about it. Fans want the best for each game, even if the series is not as it used to be – not based on the same idea that the cartoons had. Nintendo has managed to make fans happy through mechanics and regions.

The release date of Pokemon: Sword and Shield are close, and the publisher has made a lot of announcements about some specific features that will be present in the game.

So what do we know precisely about Sword and Shield so far? Here’s all we have now.

About the release date

Pokemon Sword and Shield will hit the market worldwide on the 15th of November, 2019. It will only be available for the Nintendo Switch. This is the first Pokemon game that won’t be released on Nintendo 3DS in a very long time.

About editions

People that have been long-time Pokemon fans have an exclusive option for purchasing the game now. They can pre-order the Dual Pack of Pokemon Sword and Shield, which comes with both of the games, two legendaries, a steel book, and two exclusive codes for Dynamax Crystals.

The dual pack edition of this game has a price of $119 (that’s  £97.50). we don’t know yet if the price is for the regular edition pre-order bonus or not.



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