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Pokemon Sword and Shield – A Mysterious, New Gen 8 Pokemon Will Be Revealed Today

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo will launch on November 15 Pokemon Sword and Shield. The role-playing game developed by Game Freak will make the eighth generation of the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Company is still in the phase of releasing new details about the upcoming game. Now, a mysterious, new Gen 8 Pokemon will be revealed today.

We already know that are some new features created especially for Pokemon Sword and Shield. We will have the possibility to see the cooperative raid encounters that resemble the ones from Pokemon Go and the open worlds areas.

The first clue about the new Gen 8 Pokemon revealed last week in a mysterious note, but it seems the day to find out more about it arrived.
The official Pokemon Twitter account is very active, and it seems the developers are in a constant search of improving and encounter to fix any issue that appears along the way.

New Gen 8 Pokemon Will Be Revealed Today For The Upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield

Recently they twitted a ‘thank you’ note for the fans that reported a technical problem and announced that they are working on it. A problem reported by the fans was the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website that didn’t work correctly. But it’s a scam here. If you access the site, you will notice a flaw in the image of Pokemon.

Other details about the monster are blurry. But we already have info about the Pokemon. It will have the Steadfast Ability, weighing 257.9 lbs, and will be a clean Fighting-type.

The theories of the fans of the game keep showing on the internet. One of the rumors claims the new Pokemon will be a regional evolution of Farfetch’d. It’s just a matter of time to find out if gamers are right. Until then, we will stay alert to all the new official information presented about Pokemon Sword and Shield, and we will show it to you.



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