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Pokemon Is Bringing Back the Rare Crystal Onix

The world of Pokemon has a lot of fans and lot preferences, even if we are talking about games or movies. Individuals love Pokemon from little children to adults, and the hard-core fans are more into old-school things from the franchise. This is the case where we are speaking about the rare Crystal Onix. The Crystal Onix appeared the first time in the original title from 1999 in a mysterious cave. The majority requires to bring back precisely this rare Crystal Onix.

If you have forgotten about the Crystal Onix, go back to the first episode of Pokemon for doing a short recap. The short story is that Ash and his team left in an adventure, and through their journey, they encounter a mysterious cave that contained the rare Crystal Onix. This is what fans want to see in their favorite anime, the Onix.

The Rare Crystal Onix Is Coming Back to Pokemon

To put it differently, the Crystal Onix represents the rarest thing that you could find or see in Pokemon, rarest than a Shiny. Why is that? The Crystal Onyx is unique and only one. You will see the Onix has a body composed of crystalline glass, which means that it has new characteristics. This means that Onyx is vulnerable to Fire but resistant to Water. Moreover, going on with the story, Ash will find a note that describes the Crystal Onix, and this is the way she sees it.

Given these points, the gang has an interesting thing to do, to decide if they will grant Marissa’s whish. The girl wants to help her brother to get inspired for his art by seeing the respective Pokemon. Ash and the gang decided to help the girl, but her brother decides to let the creature live in peace in the game.



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