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Pokemon Go to Host Incense Day This Month – What to Expect

The 17th of May is bringing a brand-new Incense Day for the fans of Pokemon Go. The event will offer the chance to its users to capture the Water and Dark-type Pokemon. In addition to this, fans will get extra chances to attract Carvanha, the most wanted Pokemon, by any incense they might be using.

The fans will be able to access the event starting from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your local time zone. Apart from Carvanha, there are many more other Pokemons that will probably show up throughout the event. In addition to this, each hour brings a new chance to get a new Pokemon for your collection.

What to expect from the Pokemon Go Incense Day

While having an incense item active throughout your gaming time, you increase your chances of coming across a wider variety of Pokemons than you would under normal conditions. For example, during the hours when Water-types Pokemons are more likely to appear, you have the chance of meeting Alomomola, Horsea, or Tympole. Additionally, when it is Dark-type Pokemon hour, you may encounter Murkrow, Scraggy, or Sableeye. Scraggy might prove to be a remarkable asset, since it has proven to be highly efficient as a Battle League Pokemon, managing to be ranked on the 9th place.

The incense item can be purchased any time from the store, should you not have this item available. A bundle contains three incense that is priced at 1 PokeCoins and can be used during the Incense Day event. Therefore, on the day of the event may sure that the incense is turned on, so you get the chance to receive these impressive benefits. During each hour, the type of Pokemon that you can receive changes.

Therefore, if 11 a.m. brings a Water-type Pokemon, 12 a.m. will feature a Dark-type Pokemon, and 1 p.m. will bring a Water-type Pokemon again, during the Incense Day in Pokemon Go.



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