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Pokemon GO Introduces Shadow Zapdos in Team Rocket

The recent Pokemon Go addition includes Shadow Zapdos as Giovanni’s newest Pokemon. A Special Research has also been introduced, which ends in a fight against Giovanni and his new Shadow Zapdos.

Pokemon Go receives Shadow Zapdos

After completing such a quest, players will get to know Shadow Zapdos, but only if they can successfully fight Giovanni. Players will no longer capture a Shadow Articuno, even if they didn’t finish the November “Looming in the Shadows” hunt, but they can choose to grab Shadow Zapdos twice.

They can also hold off on finishing “A Challenging Development” until next month for the opportunity at a second Shadow Moltres. While players are still engaging in achieving “A Challenging Development,” it looks like that the levels are the same as “Looming in the Shadows.” which suggests that players should get ready to use a lot of Stardust to purify their Pokemon.

Moreover, if Giovanni’s other Pokemon hasn’t transformed from last month, players should still get the chance to fight Giovanni with the team they reached last month. Zapdos can again be confronted and defeated by a powerful Rock-version Pokemon. The rest of the Team Rocket Admins also go with the same Pokemon they got last month.

Pokemon Go is an excellent and very popular AR game

Pokemon Go is a highly-acclaimed augmented reality free to play mobile game developed by Niantic. The game is available for iOS and Android devices, and it utilizes the mobile devices GPS to locate, capture, fight, and train Pokemon. The virtual creatures are displayed as if they are in our real-world location.

It was released with almost 150 species of Pokemon, which had grown to approximately 500 by 2019. By early 2019, Pokemon Go hit over a billion global downloads, scoring over $3 billion in revenue, with over 147 million monthly active users.

In January 2018, Pokemon Go opened its first Community Day, a monthly feature that would grow the appearance rate of a particular Pokemon and give a one-of-a-kind move available only to Pokemon captured or evolved during the event. Team GO Rocket had been introduced in July 2019, and players could start battles with it.



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