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Pokemon Go Gets Legendary Darkrai For This Weekend

Avid Pokemon Go players will enjoy the chance to capture Legendary Darkrai, a legendary Pokemon, this weekend. It will be featured in five-star raids, which offer a serious challenge but also come with excellent rewards that make them great.

The raid weekend will start on March 6 at 8 in the morning and lasts until March 9 at 10 pm, local time. Since the window of opportunity is short, many players will try to capture the impressive creature. Below you can find an excellent guide that should make raid easier and increase your chance to capture the Legendary Darkrai for your awesome collection.

Explore weaknesses

Darkrai is a Dark-type Pokemon, which means that it is more vulnerable against Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type Pokemon. It is advised to avoid the use of other Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon since they will deal with a small amount of damage. Physic Pokemon should be avoided at all costs since Darkrai is immune to their attacks.

Picking the right counters

Machamp should be the primary choice due to raw power. A selection of support Pokemon could help it during the battle, and it is always a good idea to have a few potions in your inventory. Ideally, it should have access to counter punch, dynamic punch, karate chop, and close combat.

Togekiss is also a solid choice, offering solid defenses and an impressive amount of strength. Charm and dazzling gleam are essential moves that can be used against Darkrai. A Fighting and Bug-type like Heracross is also good since both types are resistant to Dark attacks. Heracross excels at offensive, but it can also take a beating if needed.

Keep in mind that having a few defensive Pokemon is a must since the raid can last for a while, especially if the spot isn’t very popular among the community. The Team GO Rocket take-over event will also take place this weekend in Pokemon Go.



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