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Pokemon Go Brings New Filed Research Tasks in February

New month, new tasks in Pokemon Go! Because we just started February, Pokemon Go is coming with a new series of Field Research tasks for you to do. For having access to the Field Research task for February, you must spin the Photo Disc at PokeStops.

Each completed job will give you rewards and items such as Poke Balls or Berries. Moreover, the surprises are not over, because once you complete a job per day, you will receive a stamp. Sounds fun!

Besides rewards and items, each task completed per day will give you stamps that will provide you with even more rewards. So the thing is to collect seven stamps for receiving the Research Breakthrough.

That means that you will receive rewards and encounters with special Pokemon, such as Gen 5 Pokemon known as Woobat.

Besides the new Field Research tasks, we will also enjoy the Pokemon Go Community Day this Month

The Field Research has many tasks, so what you will receive will be randomly and even more than one task at once. For example, you can receive three functions at a time, but if some of them are giving you trouble, you can discard it and receive a different task once again.

Pokemon Go will have a busy month, as well as Niantic because the company planned a lot of events. We will have the Sinnoh celebration for finding a Gen 4 Pokemon, and the new Team Rocket Special Research quickly.

The Team Rocket Special Research is giving you the chance to catch even Shadow Raikou. And the good news doesn’t stop here, because Gen 5 Pokémon such as the Legendary Tornadus will be available this month for you.

To sum up, besides the New Filed Research Tasks from this month, on February 22nd, you will have Pokemon Go February Community Day. The company is giving users the possibility to vote for the featured Pokémon.



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