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Pokemon Go 0.165.2 Update Is Available With Improved Trainer Battles

Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises in the world as millions of children watched the popular anime and played many of the video games that were released several Nintendo devices. While mainline entries remain exclusive to the Nintendo ecosystem, the release of Pokemon Go took the world by storm, and the game has continued to remain popular even if several years have passed since it was released.
According to official statistics, the title has been downloaded more than 1 billion times an achievement that is quite impressive since the many apps strive to capture the interest of mobile gamers.

One of the factors that contributed to the popularity of the title is represented by the excellent fusion between the spectacular graphics and the real world with the help of augmented reality. Unlike most video games, which require the user to sit in a fixed area in most cases, Pokémon encourages players to explore the world as new challenges and experiences await them in the distance.

Pokemon Go 0.165.2 Update Brings Improvements for the Trainer Battles

Those who opt to enter the fray will begin a memorable adventure as they collect their first Pokémon. Many of the most iconic Pokémon are available within the game, including some of the legendary Pokémon that have been featured in the anime. Players have the option to join one of three factions. This offers an assortment of new challenges as the main goal is to defeat Gyms owned by Trainers from other factions while reinforcing the ones kept by your own faction.

Players who love to work together have the option to tackle difficult raids that give the chance to capture a remarkable Pokémon that comes with powerful moves, giving an edge in any battles. Travel across the town and other destinations to hatch eggs and increase the Level of your Buddy Pokémon seamlessly. The latest update, Pokemon Go 0.165.2, is available for the Samsung Galaxy Apps version and comes with new improvements for Trainer Battles.



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