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Pokemon Direct Is Set For Today — What’s New In The Pokemon Universe?

The piece of news that the upcoming Direct has made its appearance, it seems like from nowhere. The announcement comes from the official YouTube channel of the company, which planned a broadcast that’s called Pokemon Direct for the 9th of January, at 9.30 EST.

What could we see at today’s Pokemon Direct?

Pokemon Sword & Shield has just been released, so we do not really know what is more to show. That does not mean we are not excited! We are aware that the Home App will be here at some point. Home App is that software that allows trainers to transfer Pokemon from their Switch, or their smartphone, or their 3DS, and trade them with other trainers online – all around the globe – or locally.

Will Nintendo devote a whole Pokemon Direct for that? We do not think so. There is probably a DLC for Sword & Shield? Or perhaps they are talking about a brand new project, such as spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon, or maybe something like Let’s Go. Right now, we cannot do anything but wait and see.

Many novelties would be revealed during Pokemon Direct

Try not to forget to watch the planned broadcast – Pokemon Direct. It is not something to miss if you are a big fan. In some other news, DeNa keeps promising a significant update and also an expansion plan for Pokemon Masters. There is also talk of a new Pokemon Galar-set anime, which is called Twilight Wings.

If that is not your cup of tea, and you want something a little bit lighter, then there is a Pokemon team for Swords & Shield that has been inspired by the Beauty and the Beast. You really need to check it out. Many other novelties might be revealed at today’s Pokemon Direct by Nintendo.



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