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Plex Beta Update Brings New Features

Plex​ is a popular platform that allows access to numerous movies and TV shows, including documentaries, Bollywood content, and more.
​The app doesn’t require special gear, subscriptions, or particular tech skills in order to allow you to watch content. You only have to sign in to the app and start watching whatever you want, and discover a large number of new collections or create your own.

Plex​ has access to numerous video, music, and image libraries, staring with podcasts, web shows, streaming music from TIDAL, and online news sent to your Android TV, Fire TV, PC, Mac, or Android mobile device. You can watch and record free OTA broadcast TV as well.

Plex​ – Key Features

  • Organize your personal media, such as photos, music, shows, and DVR-ed TV, and watch them from any device in a simple and easy to use interface, with plenty of descriptions, artwork, and other relevant data
  • Enjoy music streaming from TIDAL, as well as 60 million high-quality tracks, and 250,000 music videos
  • Look for your preferred podcast or find more interesting ones via personalized recommendations
  • Purchase the Premium version of the app, the Plex Pass, and use Plex Live TV and DVR in order to stream and record free OTA HD TV shows, such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox
  • Experience its free features, including remote access, sharing, security, and casting, all of them improved with detailed descriptions, artwork, ratings and so on
  • Stream videos on your mobile device or an SD card in the app
  • Enjoy its Premium features, such as the DVR and Live TV, camera upload, Premium images, mobile sync, parental controls, VIP perks and so on

Plex Beta Update

The app receives regular updates that usually bring overall improvements in performance and bug fixes. This last roll-out, Plex beta update, came with a number of new features that make the user experience more immersive and enjoyable.
Here are the official patch notes:

  • Live TV: TV guide now loads more of the future schedule.
  • [Mobile] UNO: Offline badge added to sidebar items.
  • Player: ensure stream selection is possible for remote playback.
  • Don’t reset customizations of users without a server.
  • Android Auto: improve playback over voice search.
  • Playback: ensure that when resuming remote content locally, it does actually start.


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