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PlayStation Plus Announces Two FREE Games for PS4 in June, and They’re Massive

As in the good tradition of PlayStation Plus, the subscription service offers another two massive games for PS4 gamers that can be played for FREE starting June. While the PlayStation 5 console is launching by Sony in December if nothing unpredictable happens, it’s nice to see that the good old PlayStation 4 is still receiving plenty of credit.

Whether you’re a passionate PS4 gamer or you’re just taking advantage of your console when you get free from work, you’ll get a lot to enjoy along with the June offer of PlayStation Plus. Here are the two exciting titles:

Call of Duty: WWII

If you’re a fan of the legendary Call of Duty series, which one of its games could possibly be more exciting than the one that showcases the deadliest conflict in the history of humanity? Call of Duty: WWII was released in 2017, and it features both single-player mode and multiplayer. This is how the related Steam webpage describes the game:

Call of Duty® returns to its roots with Call of Duty®: WWII – a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation. Land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across Europe through iconic locations in history’s most monumental war. Experience classic Call of Duty combat, the bonds of camaraderie, and the unforgiving nature of war against a global power throwing the world into tyranny.

Star Wars Battlefront II

If you want another massive shooter, but this time with lasers instead of bullets, futuristic weapons, laser swords, and aliens, than Star Wars Battlefront II is the right choice for you. Released also in 2017, it’s actually a remake for a much older game released in 2005. The 2017 version has many more characters, maps, game modes, and last but not least: some breathtaking graphics that will leave you always craving for more.

These are the free PS4 games that PlayStation Plus offers for June. The Call of Duty title is already available to grab, but you must wait until June 2 for Star Wars Battlefront 2.



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