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PlayStation 5 Update: Will Sony Keep the Costs Low for the Next-Gen Console?

Since 2019 has begun, PlayStation users around the world have been eager to learn more about the next-gen console from Sony. Months passed, rumors, speculations and some leaks surfaced, with Sony keeping it all a secret until they finally revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be released by holiday 2020.

Among some of its specs that have been confirmed by Sony, we know that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4. The PlayStation 5 will also be able to render 8K visuals using ray tracing.

Sony is supposed to hold a PlayStation Meeting event in February, where they should reveal more details.

Sony is Analyzing the ‘Acceptable Price in the Market’ for the Incoming PS5

What we know so far is that its price will not be too high, even though it does come with great specs. According to PlayStation maker’s chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki, the PS5 will have an “acceptable” price when it will be released.

In an interview with Twinfinite, Hiroki Totoki said that the company is “analysing the cost, the acceptable price in the market, and platform penetration” for the next-gen console, adding that Sony is “very conscious of the level of profit for investors and for the marketplace.”

PlayStation is also looking into add more studios, which means we will get more PlayStation exclusives, hinted the CFO:

“[Sony will] continue to pursue growth investment opportunities that will enhance its content IP.”

According to analysts, the PS5 could be somewhere between $399 or $499.

And then there are a few rumors about the versions of the next-gen PayStation console, such as Sony releasing two versions – a PlayStation 5 and a PlayStation 5 Pro. Remake specialists Bluepoint Games have also fueled all the rumors around the PS5 by stating that they are working on two games, which will head to the highly expected next-gen consoles.



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