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PlayStation 5: The Fastest Console? What Sony Says

We have more than a year until the launch of PlayStation 5, and yet the creators and many other people don’t stop praising the future console. They have plenty of reasons, though. The next PlayStation gadget is expected to have 8K graphics, a virtual assistant, haptic controllers, a Solid State Drive, and much more cool features.

However, the latest claim which comes from the Senior Cloud Engineer manager of Sony is that PlayStation 5 will be the fastest console ever created. This shouldn’t surprise anybody since nobody likes lagging, long loading times, and annoying game configuration. A step like this in gaming should have been done a long time ago. But you know what they say: better later than never, right? SSD’s (Solid State Drives) are primarily created for the purpose of higher speeds.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett?

In 2020, the decisive battle for supremacy in gaming will be fought between the US and Japan. Or to put it more clear: Microsoft vs. Sony. The American corporation will come with Xbox Scarlett (aka Xbox 2), and the fans hope that purchasing such a console will be a better deal than buying a PS5 created by Sony.

The new Xbox is expected to be a significant upgrade for the old Xbox consoles. Its built is based on powerful hardware from AMD, including new Navi graphics architecture and a Zen 2 CPU. Thus, the Scarlett is also designed to reduce or completely eliminate load times and get users into the thrill of the games as quickly as it is possible.

Both the successor of PS4 and the Xbox Scarlett will be available in the stores by Christmas 2020, so you should already prepare your letter to Santa Claus. Of course, you shouldn’t be a naughty boy or girl until then. Sony even shattered all doubts and stated that the official name for the new PlayStation console would be PlayStation 5.

Seeing which one of the two consoles will be the better and fastest one should be a great motivation for any gamer to test them.



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