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PlayStation 5 Might Win The Console Competition This Year

Sony and Microsoft are rivaling hard when it comes to officially revealing details about other next-generation gaming consoles.
Both companies have unveiled some details concerning the internal hardware that will be featured in the devices, essentially confirming that the PlayStation 5 and the upcoming Xbox will pack the same new regular CPU and GPU that AMD has been designing for consoles.

Not Many PlayStation 5 Details Were Disclosed

Sony and Microsoft have also announced that the new items will have SSD storage that will provide an additional boost in performance when compared to HDDs. However, there were no details released about the specs of either console. Sony did reveal some features of the new controller and stated the PS5’s official name in October 2019. Following Sony’s announcement, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X and also unveiled its name.

In January of 2020, Sony published the PS5 logo, and those were the last official details released by the company regarding the upcoming console. We have seen a series of speculations that addressed everything, from performance and specifications to alleged release dates, but the tech giants did not confirm those rumors.

Several days ago, Sony stated that PS5’s price had not been decided yet, but implied that the console might be sold at an affordable price, which is a strategy the company used for the PS4 as well. Considering this, there is now a report that says the PS5 might not be as powerful as the Xbox Series X, and that is the reason behind Sony’s lower price.

Sony Dominates the Console Industry

However, there is another reason Sony would want to sell the next-generation console for a lower price than Microsoft ends up asking for the upcoming Xbox Series X: The tech company would most definitely win the next-generation console fight, just like it did with the PlayStation 4.
Referring to an IGN Japan live stream on YouTube, ComicBook stated that the PS5 might be more affordable than Microsoft’s Series X: “The Xbox Series X is doubtless aiming for much greater performance than the PS5. There are some differences in specs, and PS5 aims are cheaper than the Xbox Series X as a result.”

It is not sure whether the statement is founded on sourced data about the upcoming console, or whether it is just speculation based on rumors. Some newer reports did state that the Xbox will pack an advantage about the graphics performance, but that Sony will win over Microsoft with the RAM and storage included in the PlayStation 5.

Some of those rumors also talked about the price of the consoles, but the figures were not the same in all the reports. Some said both consoles would have a price tag of $499, while others said that the Xbox Series X would be $599. The PS4 was indeed cheaper than Xbox with $100 less, but that was because Microsoft packed a Kinect with the Xbox. That lower price helped Sony enormously, while Microsoft has never been able to reach Sony’s PS4 sales. It is definitely unclear what the two upcoming consoles prices will be, but it is rather vital to mention that Sony still has the edge.



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