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PlayStation 5 — Best Possible Designs Based On The Greatest Concepts So Far

The PlayStation 5’s design is now a controversial thing as many concepts resurfaced, speculations, and some of the most intriguing ideas so far. Yet, it is good that we know some things about Sony’s upcoming next-gen console From the console’s logo, feedback, haptic to games, that’s everything we found out so far. So, until the company decides to make everything official, there are some ideas that you might consider.

The One From Dreams

Twitter user Dan K has made and published a PS5 concept. The v-designed devkits inspired him to develop a PS5 image. He dubbed it “Dreams,” and it comes as an impressive concept. It looks, however, more than only a basic black box, embracing a full design statement.

The One With a GamesRadar Touch

Some visual effects that might not go as merely unobserved due to sleek neon lines and some edgy touches. It is possible, after all, to see the next-gen PS5 console resembling the previous version, more than we can imagine. Or not at all. The trick is that Sony decided upon a few ideas when it came to its consoles, along years. It seems the company didn’t want to be in the spotlight when it comes to design.

The One That Goes Digital

LetsGoDigital is known for its PlayStation 5 renders inspired directly from the console’s devkit, mixed with Sony’s patents. The concept is innovative, and it displays some blue detailing within the fans, also paying a little bit of attention to the screw holes. Such a thing is much appreciated considering that the patents never come with screw holes.

The High Fashion One

Of course, there is a PlayStation 5 concept that looks like a Vogue cover. One that is so easy to notice, but challenging to understand, because what happens with fashion, generally. This one, however, came as @xTHAFINESTx’s concept, and it’s hard not to take into consideration. Looking a lot like the previous version, it has some sleek designs, it allows air to escape from the edges, and the little part between the two halves of it could be a nice upgrade.



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