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Playing GTA V has Become Much More Profitable

Almost seven years have passed since the first release of Grand Theft Auto V, and the game still is hugely popular. It’s so popular that it has become the best selling game of all time, being surpassed only by Minecraft and Tetris. The shootouts, the car chasings, the characters’ unique and immersive dialogues are so well created that the game can conquer your heart forever.

Therefore, who wouldn’t want to enjoy all the great features from both story mode and online multiplayer more of GTA V at a much better deal than usual?

Available on Xbox Game Pass

With just a small fee, you are free to play hundreds of great games for a month, and they also include the legendary GTA 5. The latest and most probably the best game from the Grand Theft Auto series can be now accessed via Xbox Game Pass. And yes, this requires you to have an Xbox console. But hey, don’t get discouraged yet if you don’t have one!

For those willing to play GTA V on PC, it’s enough if they own Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This shall give them access to the game from PC and Xbox console at a slightly more expensive subscription. But the best part is that this move will also grant access to GTA Online.

Ready for GTA 6?

While game developers are constantly trying to figure out new ways of improving GTA 5, most fans are waiting relentlessly for a sequel. The internet is full of rumors, but nothing 100 percent reliable about how GTA 6 will be. It might be a return to Vice City, it may bring Carl Johnson (aka CJ) from GTA San Andreas back, and so on. Considering the tremendous success of GTA V, it’s most likely that developers are working hard and for numerous hours to bring even a better GTA game for the fans. That’s why the sequel may be taking so long before any official reveal.

Until then, we might delight ourselves with the stunning title GTA V and help Michael, Trevor, and Franklin to accomplish their goals.



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