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Play Xbox Games on PC With This Handy Tutorial

Many of the titles which are released for the Xbox consoles have piqued the interest of PC gamers in recent years. Microsoft has embraced its interest and decided to offer the ability to play select titles on your PC, although there are some requirements that need to be taken into account. This tutorial will show you how to play Xbox games on PC without issues.

How to play Xbox games on PC

This method is quite popular since you can play several games on your PC, enjoying the high-quality of your gaming monitor without issues. However, there are some hardware requirements if you plan to use this method.

It is mandatory to have an Xbox console to stream Xbox games on your PC. To enable the feature, you will need to go to the Settings menu o the console and activate the feature. After the console is configured, the switch to your PC and sign-in with your Xbox account in the Xbox app.

Verify that your PC and console are connected to the same network, ideally a 5Ghz wireless network. The PC also needs to have at least 2 GB of RAM and a processor that has a clock speed of 1.5 GHz or more. Windows 10 is also a must.

Configuring the connection

Start the console and press the Xbox button, which can be seen on the controller. Go to Settings/Preferences/Xbox App connection and took for the This Xbox option. Enable the feature and move to the Other devices option where you will also need to enable the function.

Launch the Xbox app on your PC, and the console should be found automatically. A variety of options will be displayed on the screen. Select the Stream option, pick a title, and select the Play button to begin. Note that only the Xbox One models have this capability. And that’s how to play Xbox games on PC.



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