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Pink Pokemon Scheduled to be Released – What happened and what did Nintendo do with this concept?

Back in 1998, in the United States of America, the Pikachu developers launched in premiere the Pokemon Blue and Red. Nintendo faced again then critical acclaim and several improvements made the company become what it is today. The Pokemon Yellow release became the base of the brand and this was when the officials decided to adopt the anime series of the game.

Several leaks are suggesting that the yellow variant of the game may not have been the original purpose. Some rumors suggest the concept of a Pokemon Pink as a follow-up to the original two games. The success of both the gaming experience and the TV series was visible when the anime concept was implemented. The story of Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu became an emblem for the children living during that period.

The success was so big that the company decided to create a second generation of the gaming experience. This is the moment when the leaks are stating that the initial plan was to release in the same time two different versions of the game: Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Pink. The discovery was made by the hacker Zammis Clark from the Great Britain.

He managed to enter the database of Nintendo back in 2018 when he stole confidential information. Later on, he admitted that he was the one to commit this illegality and spread all the information that he managed to find. This is why the source of this leak seems to be highly plausible.

The pink design of the beloved Pokemon was named Clefairy and it became one of the most appreciated designs of characters all over the world. The minion was easily recognized because of its cuteness. Therefore, the hype that the game created back then may have led Nintendo into thinking that only one follow-up for the series was necessary.



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