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Opera Touch 1.22.3 Available with Lighting-fast search

In this day an age using a fast browser is a necessity, and there are several solutions which can be found on the Google Play Store.

Some users prefer to rely on the browser which comes pre-loaded on the device, but it is not always the best choice for your needs. Browsing on the go is one of the best features of a smartphone, and you can enjoy it even more with the help of Opera Touch. Read below to learn more about the app and its excellent features.

Lighting-fast search

With Opera Touch, it is easier than ever to search for something by typing your query or using the voice search feature. Use the app to scan a QR code and quickly follow the relevant link. A smart barcode scan function will allow searching for more information related to a specific product.

Optimized for browsing on the go

Opera Touch was designed from the ground up to offer an excellent user experience with one hand. A dedicated Fast Action Button will allow users to quickly access essential features like opening the search bar, refreshing or closing a tab, or sending the current tab to their PC.

Feel free to follow your Flow

Opera Touch works seamlessly with the Opera PC browser to offer a great experience across a variety of devices. Connecting your smartphone to a PC is as simple as opening the Opera on it and scanning the QR code with the help of Opera Touch. There is no need to create another account and remember credentials. User can send a variety of content within devices, and they can be opened without issues.

A focus on security

The data which is sent in Flow is encrypted with the help of end-to-end solutions. A robust cryptojacking prevention protocol will keep your device safe from potential exploits.

Built-in ad blocker

A built-in opt-in ad blocker will keep intrusive ads away.

The latest update, 1.22.3, comes with new bug fixes and performance improvements.



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