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OnePlus Concept One Smartphone has a Revolutionary Type of Camera

OnePlus is eager to prove once again that Asian manufacturers still have an enough important role to play in bringing awesome gadgets on the market. It’s already 2020, and powerful cameras on phones are far from representing something new to the public. But the Chinese company OnePlus wants to bring phone cameras at a whole new level, and who knows, maybe even create a new standard in the near future.

And no, OnePlus isn’t bringing an alien type of phone with dozens of cameras on it, as many of us have imagined. It just created something that we can simply call ‘disappearing camera’.

It will be presented at CES 2020

The smartphone in charge is OnePlus Concept One, and it features something that the company has already spoken about in a tweet: an invisible camera setup on the rear and glass technology that includes color-shifting.

While you might think that such a device has been brought hundreds of years from the future using a time machine, its creation is actually possible in our days. An electrochromic sheet of glass that covers the cameras from the back of the phone is creating the ‘disappearing camera’ effect. The glass can shift between tinted and opaque, so it can allow the lenses to be hidden.

Lauren Goode from Wired says the following:

When you think ‘disappearing camera,’ you might envision some sort of magic act, or a more pronounced physical transition,

This is just a camera you can barely see. On the upside: There are no bumps.

CES 2020 will be held very soon, from January 7 to 10, in Nevada, Las Vegas. Besides OnePlus’ Concept One smartphone, the event has plenty more exciting tech stuff to be presented by various companies – AMD wants to get much more involved in laptops, 8K gadgets are awaited from Samsung, Sony, and LG, and much more.



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