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OnePlus 8: Latest Leaks are Showing Surprising Design for Cameras

At only less than six months after the release of OnePlus 7 to the public, we can already take a peek at how its successor will look like. OnePlus 7 had some high-end specs like 6/8 GB of RAM, 48 MP for the camera, and at least 128 GB of internal storage. It was massively sold, and once again the proverbial workaholism of Chinese people has been confirmed.

Therefore, we can’t expect the OnePlus 8 to be anywhere below 7, and all clues are pointing to a new flagship.

A OnePlus official brings us fresh news

A OnePlus official himself made the unveiling of the design for the future OnePlus 8 series in a PDF file, according to a report from TrueTech. The flagship will feature a quad-camera setup on the rear, becoming one of the many smartphones that have such a structure nowadays. It will also have a dual punch-hole camera design. Unfortunately, the guy who provided the news didn’t want to reveal his identity.

Dual front camera

But the surprises do not end here. Are you also tired of the old single camera on the front for smartphones? Well, OnePlus takes the deal at a new level, adding two cameras on the front instead of one. However, the upgrade will be available only for the Pro version of OnePlus 8.

One other design difference between the standard and the Pro version for OnePlus 8 is that the second one will reduce both the top and the bottom bezel. This is clearly an improvement – why see a thick bezel when you can get more pixels?

Although some people could claim that the news for OnePlus 8 are not really coming from an official source, they surely present enough credibility and curiosity. And another good news is that the future flagship will not be affected by the trade ban the US threw at some smartphones from China. It was available only for Huawei, and so OnePlus 8 will be able to run all the Google apps and services.



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