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One-Punch Man: Road to Hero: These Are the Best Tricks to Keep in Mind When Playing the Game

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero is that game in which you can go through the adventures of Saitama, Genos and all the other protagonists from the One-Punch Man manga. All the battles are turn-based, and you can have in your group about five heroes at the same time. For every turn, you get energy points, which you can use in order to activate special attacks for your character. Some of these special attacks cost more energy points, but they are even more useful when it comes to your enemies. Make sure you use them when the time is right.

We have written this article to give you the best tips for this game.

Make sure you know your character

Every character comes with their own skills and attributes. Make sure you understand them.

The jewelry system: you can experiment all you want with the jewelry accessories. This way, you get different attributes and effects – attack boosts or defense.

The Pursuit system: role skill can sometimes make the enemy be knocked down, or simply left floating in the air. Let us take a clear example: those character roles that have a pursuit skill can strike the opponent continuously.

The Talent system: every character comes with a different talent system. If you unlock new skills, and if you make sure to upgrade unique characteristics, you will enjoy the game at its best. Some of the roles have a higher attack rating.

The battle position is crucial

Positioning in a battle is the key to survival. This is also how you win strategies. If you place tank characters in the front, they can absorb the damage. If you put them in the back, you give them enough time to release all of their power into the enemies. Make sure you have a strategy before you attack your enemies.

What’s the role of dispatch?

If you dispatch your strongest characters, you will receive not only experience but also rewards. You can still use those characters that are on dispatch missions in the battles, which makes it even easier to get rewards.

Make sure you complete the challenges when recruiting a character

When you want to recruit a character in this game, you need a special summon token; if not, you’ll need to the premium currency of the game. Complete all the three challenges from that stage. You’ll get as a reward for a recruitment order. For this to happen, you need to defeat all of your enemies and keep your team intact. If you want better characters, you need lots of recruitment orders, so make sure you get as many as you can.

 Don’t forget to visit the House of Evolution

Besides the strength medals, you will also need some special certificates in order to star-upgrade your characters. You can get them from the House of Evolution.the House of Evolution is a building in which many of your enemies have found a home. Keep in mind that every hero belongs to a class, and every class has its own certificate. Find the one that you want and battle to win the certificates.



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