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Omega Zodiac Gets Html5 Version, R2 Games Plans New Events and Free Rewards to Mark the Occasion

International browser game publisher R2 Games is releasing a new version of Omega Zodiac so that it can be played after Adobe kills Flash support at the end of this year. To mark this occasion, R2 Games will reward players with new content, a lot of improvements and new events.

Omega Zodiac, an ARPG with a Greek and Norse Mythology Twist

Omega Zodiac is one of the 20 online browser games that are free to play on the R2 Games website. The game is an ARPG, and it features Greek and Norse mythology.

In Omega Zodiac, humans and Gods live together, and through powerful alliances, they can become very dangerous enemies. But Athena will be able to change everything, and some of the Gods from the Pantheon are not on her side. This is where you, together with your guild, will have to protect her so that you can witness the final battle.

Players get to choose a class and then they have to become the guardians of the Greek Goddess Athena. In Omega Zodiac, you’ll face a lot of enemies, but as your character progresses in the story, you will be able to get a great gear, upgrade or swap it with better items.

Some of the game features regarding gear are the Gold Sacred Set System that contains various sets. The game has 15 constellations, each one having its own Sacred set. This Sacred set has a corresponding Star Map, which can be unlocked by collecting Sacred Set Components in Dungeons and Battles.

While it sounds complicated at first look, all players have to do is begin battles to complete and upgrade all Gold Sacred Sets and get enough power not only to defeat the most powerful enemies, but also to develop their cities and protect Athena.

Gold Sacred Sets look amazing, aside from giving players some deadly skills to use in the battles to come. Whether you are a PVPer or you want to go to PVE arenas or compete in Battlegrounds, you will definitely make great use of these sets.

You can also enchant your equipment or upgrade skills. Things like Mount, Wings and Talisman, Goddess, Magic Circle, Elf and War Shield can also be evolved.

Each character comes with nine Combo Skills that will be helpful depending which enemy you are fighting against. Whenever the player wants to, the combos will automatically be casted. It is safe to say that the effects when these combos are performed will make anyone feel like a powerful mythical warrior!

In terms of social features, players will be able to join a guild, and they will have a guild castle they must protect from enemies. Players can also fight alongside their friends or against other players. There are also powerful Bosses, which you can capture or steal from other players.

Omega Zodiac Html5 Version Incoming

If you haven’t yet experienced part of the adventure Omega Zodiac offers, then you can try it out once again, now that the game is getting a Html5 version.

Omega Zodiac has reached a number of 600,000 users over the past years. The team behind the ARPG has been working for a year to reconstruct the game and now that it will come to Html5, older players will see a lot of improvements in terms of image quality, a smoother gameplay and more.

R2 Games also promises a bunch of new events, free rewards and Divine set, so check out Omega Zodiac on https://www.r2games.com.



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