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Office 365 Is Getting State-Of-The-Art Technological Improvements

Microsoft’s cloud platform is the Office 365, currently having 38 million users worldwide, compared to 12.4 million customers from five years ago on the Personal and Home category. The company is planning to upgrade its program with new features and rebranding their product from Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

Several new launches were already released. Microsoft’s upcoming feature is represented by Microsoft 365 Personal and Family. This session would host up to 6 people and will be available from 21 April. Its price will range from 6.99 USD to 9.99 USD per month. The idea of this new concept is to change the name of the package. All the users that already pay for the Microsoft package will be moved to the Microsoft 365 automatically.

New Office 365 Features To Launch Soon

In addition to this, Microsoft is releasing a brand-new family app. The application will deliver services like the real-time location of all the family members, the possibility to manage screen time across consoles of other Windows and Android devices. Possible extra notifications when family members are leaving from wok/school will be added, as well as an exciting feature that facilitates parents to track down driving habits of their offspring. Even though this may sound terrifying for the children, it is an interesting application for the parents.

The upcoming home features include as well more day-to-day collaboration between users. The application will allow family members to share lists, videos, photos and any other content. This will probably be a great organization tool for planning different outings or events.

As far as the Word package is concerned, a few upgrades will be added there as well. One forthcoming feature of Office 365 is an extra tool that checks grammar and spelling errors with more accuracy than ever. The application provides extensive corrections to the texts and suggestions for improvement. In the meantime, Powerpoint is getting the Presenter Coach that will help the user practice delivering a presentation.



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