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NVIDIA GeForce NOW Receives an Upcoming Upgrade

NVIDIA GeForce NOW has recently been released earlier this year, and fans are amazed by the way they are currently capable of playing their most favorite games. This new release is the response for all those players wishing to try out all the new games but does not have the necessary budget to upgrade their computers to the latest trends. The program was specially designed to guarantee you access to some of the most powerful computers in the world, automatically enhancing your computer capabilities.

Consequently, the games that one plays will be streamed by other computers, which are more powerful with the help of NVIDIA’s latest product. Cloud technology can be accessed regardless of the device used. Either it is a smartphone or a tablet, all you need to have is a stable Internet connection and an NVIDIA membership account.

How to install it?

The version is already receiving an upgrade that will soon be available to all the Android devices. NVIDIA GeForce NOW 5.28.28425812 and its specifications have already been announced, and the update will be running through OTS channels. Therefore, all those Android users having a stable Internet connection will automatically receive the latest update.

Which devices are compatible with NVIDIA GeForce NOW?

The upcoming version was specially designed for those users that have an Android device powered by the latest Android 10 Q processor. However, the update can be accessed by any user having a device with at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

What will the latest upgrade bring to its users?

The update was developed to cater to any software issues and promises to bring an improved user experience. Consequently, all the applications will now work even better than before with NVIDIA GeForce 5.28.28425812. Additionally, the user interface will now be bug-free with the help of this version.



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