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Nvidia and AMD Work On 7nm Graphics Cards

It seems like Nvidia and AMD might take up the challenge and start producing their own next-gen 7nm graphics cards. Both of the companies have been recently reported snapping up all the free 7nm capacity conducted by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

An impressive number of companies are currently using the services provided by TSMC. One of the significant customers used to be Apple, but ever since the decision to change their devices components with 5nm chips, TSMC can now take more orders from other companies. The next on the list are Nvidia and AMD, which have already started their collaboration with the Taiwan company.

The reports posted by DigiTimes are showing that both companies have increased their demand for products. The results in the last month are showing that a ramp-up was spotted when compared to what was requested during the first months of this year.

Graphics cards with 7nm GPUs are under development at Nvidia and AMD

The reports are showing that AMD is on its way of becoming TSMC’s primary customer for 7nm, exceeding even Qualcomm. In the meantime, Nvidia is making the final preparations for an upcoming launch. The company is currently testing the forthcoming next-gen Ampere graphic cards. In addition to this, the company’s officials were planning on revealing their newest GPU during the GTC conference.

Unfortunately, no official declaration was made since the meeting was canceled because of the spreading of COVID-19. The company is currently waiting to see the development of its AMD before publicly announcing the next-gen RTX graphics cards.

All of these Nvidia and AMD 7nm graphics cards should have been displayed during the Computex 2020. The conference is scheduled to take place in September after of series of delays caused by the pandemic. Even though the lockdown measures had an enormous impact on both companies, it seems that Nvidia and AMD are still working ton develop their products, increasing their variety.



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