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Nokia Mobile will arrive at Qualcomm Tech Summit to Discuss 5G Plans

Since 2019 is almost over, the engineers from Nokia want to show us once more that the notorious Finnish company still has a lot to tell in the tech industry. Of course, they are far from their glory era in the ’90s, when they were world leaders in the manufacturing of phones. But the company launched in recent years some pretty impressive smartphones that have been sold like warm bread.

Now, it turned out that Nokia will be represented at Qualcomm’s Tech Summit on just about a month before the ending of the year. The summit will take place in Hawaii from 3rd to 5th December.

The main goal is to discuss 5G support on Nokia phones

Without a doubt, technology evolved tremendously after the pinnacle stage of Nokia in the ’90s and early ’00s. Thus, it’s absolutely mandatory for future smartphones to feature 5G support if the Finnish company wants to still compete with the best phone manufacturers. 5G support is expected to be the next standard for phones, and 2020 is the year when specialists think that the new technology will experience a big outburst in popularity.

Therefore, Nokia will have its man present at the Qualcomm’s Tech Summit precisely to discuss how the Finnish company will deal with 5G technology on its future phones. The big announcement has been made by Nokia Mobile’s CPO himself, Mr. Juho Sarvikas. For discussing plas regarding the 5G support, he will be joining Qualcomm’s president Cristiano Amon.

Nokia is already working on 5G phones

The engineers from Nokia are already loading their weapons for the year 2020 – at least one smartphone capable of running 5G technology is in the works. They announced it as being “affordable”, so it’s most likely to be a mid-range type of smartphone.

Qualcomm will be livestreaming its Tech Summit 2019 event starting December 3rd at 9 a.m. in Hawaii, 11 a.m. PST, and 2 p.m. EST.



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