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No Room for Nazi Jokes in FIFA 20 – Legendary Player Banned

It looks like EA Sports doesn’t appreciate jokes related to the notorious Nazi era, or anything that has to do with it. There’s no wonder why somebody would behave like that towards Nazism. In that point from German history, many people have suffered and died because of a cruel regime.

The FIFA video games series should mean joy and respect for others, and that’s precisely why the developers from EA Sports don’t tolerate any kind of antisocial behavior.

Marco van Basten removed from FIFA Ultimate Team

Not even the legendary former Dutch footballer Marco van Basten was forgiven by EA Sports. During a recent interview published by a top broadcast network in the Netherlands, he said “Sieg Heil” towards a German football manager. As a result, EA Sports kicked Van Basten out of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode from FIFA 20, and also Fox Sports decided to suspend him for one week.

Van Basten defended himself by suggesting that what he said was only a joke, and that he wanted to mock the German accent of the Pitch reporter.

Van Basten is rated 89 to 93 in FIFA UT

Van Basten has some jaw-dropping stats in FIFA UT, and there’s no wonder why. He has been one of the best Dutch footballers that ever walked and played on Earth. He played as a striker many years for Ajax Amsterdam, and had done plenty of great matches for his National Team. He even was officially designated three times as the best footballer from Europe, when he received the Ballon d’Or.

EA Sports is informing its users about the decision to kick out Van Basten from the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as soon as they are logging in:

Now being at 55 years old, it would be a little too difficult for Van Basten to still play football in real life. Instead, he’s an analyst for Fox Sports, and he’s pretty good at it.



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