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No Game No Life Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and More

Are you a fan of a combination between comedy, fantasy, and fiction anime series? Then you should give No Game No Life anime a try. You can find the series on one of the most popular platforms nowadays: Netflix. 

Yu Kamiya wrote the No Game No Life anime series. The fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season to be released. The Japanese series is currently available in the novel format. There are ten light novel volumes of the popular show. If you are a manga fan, then you are lucky. There are two manga series available; however, they are based on the novels series itself.

Book lovers, we encourage you to read the two books published for the first manga series. Plus, the other manga is a spin-off series. As the series is very popular, so is it’s fan base. I have a question for the fans: are you curious about a possible sequel? 

If you are a true fan, then your answer should be yes. So far, the first season released covers only one to three volumes. Therefore, it wouldn’t be such a big surprise if another sequel will be announced. However, the latest volume came out in Japan on January 25, 2018. That’s two years! The gap seems too big between two seasons, but better later than never. 

Release Date

The first season of No Game, No Life, was released back in 2014. The series soon gained a lot of attention, and both critics and the audience praised it. Therefore, the series became famous outside their country boundaries. 

Sadly, there is only a small chance for a sequel to come out. In 2017, MadHouse released a prequel of the series called No Game, No Life: Zero.

Cast members

  1. Ai Kayano
  2. Yōko Hikasa
  3. Yuka Iguchi
  4. Scott Gibbs
  5. Yukari Tamura
  6. Mamiko Noto
  7. Amelia Fischer
  8. Sara Ornelas
  9. Kara Greenberg

Regardless of the possibility of a sequel or not, you can still enjoy the story of Shiro and Sora, the best bro and sis team in gaming. 



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