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No Game No Life Season 2: Plot, Release Date and More

No Game No Life is a Japanese TV show that combines the beauty of animation with gamers. Yu Kamiya wrote and illustrated the series. Mashiro Hiiragi also helped Kamiya with the illustrations. No Game No Life series is based on a Japanese light novel series. 

Since 2014, the novel series received great attention from the public; therefore, we now have a TV show adaptation. It began to gain recognition when Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi novel guide book. 

No Game No Life Season 2 Plot

I could say this anime is quite iconic. The story features two step-siblings, Sora and Shiro, who are at the top of the leader in terms of group gamers. One day god Tet challenges them to a game of chess and ends up loosing. Therefore, he invites Sora and Shiro to live in a different dimension. A reality where games and gamers are everything, called Disboard.

That’s where the real game of their life begins. In order to solve the problems in that realm, they have to play games. The Ten Pledges spell doesn’t allow anyone on the Disboard to cause harm to one another. Weirdly enough, discreet cheating is possible; however, if caught cheating, that’s the real problem. Sora and Shiro become humanity’s representative and want to take over the sixteen species in order to have a chance to take out Tet. 

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date 

No Game No Life Season 2 was not officially renewed. Therefore, in order to find out more details about the story, you can read the light novels. But, that won’t do for me, and I’m sure other fans feel just the same. Watching anime is much more entertaining. 

The easier way to find out if there will be a sequel is to check out the source material, popularity, and sales. For example, the source material for No Game No Life is the light novel series. There are currently ten volumes out; therefore, No Game No Life Season 2 makes sense to happen.  

The series is more than likely to get a sequel in terms of profit since the franchise makes a lot of money. In terms of popularity, the franchise is also doing very well. The only impediment is the light novels’ slow release speed. However, I still think No Game No Life Season 2 will come out with all that in mind. Maybe not right away, but at some point. Taking the coronavirus into consideration, we expect season 2 in 2021. 



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