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Nintendo Will Bring More 3DS Games to the Switch

Earlier this week, we talked about the best ways to play 3DS games on other platforms. But soon enough, you will be able to play them on your Switch, now that Nintendo is planning to bring some popular 3DS games on the Switch.

More 3DS Games to Get Released on the Switch

Considering the Nintendo Switch Lite had a lot of success since it got released, the Nintendo 3DS has slowly died. But with it, the games specially created for the 3DS should not die as well.

Now Nintendo is planning to bring the most famous 3DS franchises to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki stated in a tweet that the company will bring more 3DS games to the Lite version of the Switch so that it has more appeal as a handheld gaming device:

In just 11 days, the Switch Lite reached 2 million sales, which made it for a great 3DS replacement. Nonetheless, the 3DS is still supported until more players will progress to the Switch Lite.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and other 3DS Games to Come on the Switch Lite

So far, there are no details which 3DS games will come to the Switch Lite, but we might see the Brain Age franchise in the future and other 3DS-exclusive Nintendo IPs, such as Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Mario 3D Land, Bravely Default, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and even Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

The HD re-releases will certainly keep Switch users happy in between new releases such as Pokémon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing. We are sure 3DS fans have a lot of suggestions of what games they would like to see transition onto the Switch consoles.



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