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Nintendo Switch’s eShop Discounts Seven Exciting Games – Trailers and Info

If you’re a hardcore gamer or you just want to enjoy some titles to make time flow faster, Nintendo has some great deals for you. The Japanese company brings a new set of discounted games for its Switch console through its Share the Fun sale.

With the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles set to delight the players since November, the world of gaming certainly doesn’t end with those gears. Let’s see what Nintendo has to offer:

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Mario games are the most iconic titles that not only Nintendo has in its list. The funny little plumber is one of the most iconic characters in gaming history! However, in Luigi’s Mansion 3, your job is not to save the princess anymore from the terrifying Bowser. She might have started to enjoy the company of the monster, as who knows what that fiend has done to her! Luigi’s Mansion 3 allows the player to save both Mario and Peach as they were kidnapped.

Until August 30, you can purchase this game for just $40, which means a discount of 18 bucks from the main price.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

On the music of Guns N’ Roses with Axel Rose as the vocalist, Burnout Paradise is back in business with a remastered game! The original was a successful racing title for older PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and it’s now looking better than ever! Feel free to get Burnout Paradise Remastered for only $35, a discount from the main amount of $50.

Dead Cells

If you missed those childhood times when all the games were 2D, now’s your chance with Dead Cells to get nostalgic. The player has to fight his way through hordes of enemies, slaying them with no remorse. Boss battles are also there, just like those age-old games for NES, SNES, and so on.

Dead Cells costs only $15 until August 30, meaning a discount of $10.

You shouldn’t also forget about:

  • Cuphead: $16, an $4 discount.
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled: $24, an $16 discount.
  • Unravel Two: $5, an $15 discount.
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth: $12, an $18 discount.

Which game is your favorite, and why? Feel free to tell us in a comment!




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