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Nintendo Switch Is Receiving World of Goo from Super Rare Games

The first game World of Goo launched ten years ago on Nintendo Wii, and now, we will have the physical game on Nintendo Switch. Super Rare Games publisher is behind the release of the game, and it will be available for sale starting with February 20, 2020. Fans of World of Goo love the game, and having it now on Switch is fantastic. Even the critics love the game, and that’s something!

The game World of Goo is having a score on Wii Metacritic of 94, while the Switch version has only 84 ratings. The reason we have a variation between the two versions is because of the physics-based games. Even so, World of Goo is worth buying, especially if you love the puzzle games.

World of Goo on Nintendo Switch

What is interesting to observe is the fact that a lot of classic licensed games and even Indies are going through the same process, becoming a physical version. Also, Super Rare Games is behind other titles that received the treatment. We have, for example, the physical editions of one of the most popular Indie games, as SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh, and Toki-Tori.

Besides this, if you want to add a new physical title to your library, having World of Goo is an excellent expansion, especially if you didn’t play the game. Having a library can mean at the same time that you are a collector. So, if that is true, then you can add something extra to your collection, such as the Steelbook edition for World of Goo. The price for the Steelbook edition is $52.07, and the standard version is $32.54.

Finally, the pre-orders are open now, and you have to move quickly if you want to own the World of Goo in the physical edition for your library. Only 6.000 physical copies of the game are available on February 20, 2020.



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