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Next-Generation of MacBook Air Laptops Could Be Launched Soon

The news about Apple’s plans of bringing next-gen of MacBook Air took the Internet by storm recently. We could witness a release as soon as the next week. So, while the Covid-19 might be closing Apple Stores’ big time, the hardware production process continues.

It appears that devs want to keep up with recent technology no matter what. A source speaking to MacRumors hinted at the upcoming generation of MacBook Air in a statement. The source is known to be very accurate in the last few years. We can take our chances and believe this or nor, but the giant tech surely has some plans.

Next-gen MacBook Air and Apple’s Possible Projects

Apple analysts have been caught a lot with a prediction about a MacBook refreshment. Since the beginning of the year, they tried to figure out a way to switch over to Apple-manufactured processors rather than relying on Intel chipsets. But, as sad it can be, the coronavirus outbreak still troubles us a lot. Apple had to close its stores and ceased some projects. The giant tech could as well try to focus on other things, such as finding a way to fix a Mac Pro issue.

Some rumors suggest that the smaller MacBook Air and MacBook Pro would receive a minor upgrade. A new keyboard was hinted, as well, for the 16-inch MacBook Pro variant. Such a refresh has been forecasted for the second quarter of 2020, which begins in April.

However, if MacRumors turns to be accurate, we can witness the MacBook Air refresh as soon as next week. The latest MacBook design and spec were released back in 2018 and got a refreshment in July last year.



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