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Newfound GTA Online Glitch can Launch Your Vehicle into the Sky

Many of us have been planning to fly like a bird in GTA Online. But risking in-game life and hospitalization money to steal a plane from the military base may not be worth it. Who needs getting into serious trouble when there’s the perfect glitch in the game waiting for you?

Furthermore, the glitch even lets your character to live after it’s sent way up in the sky and gets back to the ground due to gravity. However, it took some exploration made by GTA Online players to find this funny glitch, but it’ll be a lot easier for you.

Go near the Pleasure Pier in Los Santos

The doors of the base made in military-style are opening and closing when cars approach. If you time it right, you will get a huge boost as it shuts.

When bae says her parents aren’t home from gtaonline

This is an excellent way to make it through that annoying moment when cops are chasing you. This glitch reminds us of the one from GTA 4: The Swing Glitch (also nicknamed the Car Cannon or Swingset Glitch), which occurred when the player was getting his vehicle near a swing. There are even several “glitched” swing sets around Liberty City and Alderney from where you can launch your car way up in the air. However, the most well known such glitch in GTA 4 is the one from the swings present at the Firefly Projects Park.

Although it’s twelve years old, GTA 4 is still the best game of the Grand Theft Auto series, according to many fans. There are significant debates online for deciding if GTA 4 is better than GTA 5 or vice versa, but the upcoming GTA 6 is expected to have more exciting features than the two previous releases combined.

But until GTA 6 will be released at some point in the recent future, we have to admit that GTA 5 is still an impressive and fun to play game.




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