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New Windows 10 Updates Are Still Troublesome For Users

Microsoft is known for its high success in developing one of the most important and appreciated operating systems, Windows 10. With the latest updates, it seems that the company took a path to disaster for users. Several issues, including significant bugs, drove users real mad. This fact it only means that once they continue to disappoint, the way back to appreciation will be harder, as the latest Windows 10 updates are troublesome for users.

As a prime solution, Microsoft pushed away any other release of updates. Windows 10 must stay out from the game a little bit to get fixed correctly, once for all. An announced break succeeded to calm down all the users. Now, only time will tell us of it worth the wait.

Everything began with an essential character from Windows 10, KB4512941. This feature was highly supposed to bring the fix and the necessary improvements to the Windows 10 1903 version

New Windows 10 Updates Are Still Troublesome For Users

Latest Windows 10 updates, including the KB4512941 one, came with two huge issues to users who got the update for the newest set of applications. The first issue involved the high usage of the CPU by Cortana; the second made Windows 10 Search Bar inefficient.

What Microsoft decided to do next also bring more issues and bugs. The company launched KB4515384 and hoped for the best. Even this time, they didn’t succeed and upset users more. Any solution seemed like the most unreachable point. Windows 10 welcomed other bugs, more issues, and of course, too many headaches. This fact was described as a standard Windows 10 experience.

Users reported issues such as poor networking options on Windows 10 PCs. They encountered a severe problem because of that; the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity didn’t work correctly. It surely seems, however, that Microsoft must make wiser decisions when it comes to update



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